Pamela Groen BS, DLM (ASCP), CSS (ASQ), MP(AMP)

Delivering a World-Class Omics-Advanced Laboratory

As science ushers in new breakthroughs, including next-generation sequencing, bioinformatics and ‘omics, labs are facing a paradigm shift, as they navigate the development, launch, compliance and ongoing production of these complex offerings.
Complexity, impossibilities and the “unsolvable” are the qualities that drew me into science. Regardless of the magnitude of the challenge, the first step to a solution is to define the problem. As a recipient of several awards and patents, We am devoted to expanding the business of science. The breadth and scope of my scientific achievements extended to creating opportunities that leverage emerging scientific breakthroughs for clinical diagnostics, academic, research-based, clinical trials for patient treatment and commercial laboratories, and to save money or meet the FDA’s rigorous requirements. I’ve found that significant solutions happen when you have the tenacity to unearth improvements in the small details. The scale of scientific challenges drives me to leverage resources and empower teams. I’ve collaborated with leading scientists and Nobel laureates from around the world, and We am humbled by the talents and skills of people of all educational levels. We find ways to benefit from the team’s unique strengths within the laboratory environment.

A problem that may appear unsolvable, simply means that it is only a challenge that can be overcome. The advancements in next-generation sequencing (NGS), bioinformatics and ‘omics are only a few of the scientific keys that will unlock solutions that can impact our planet and our lives.

My ability to launch strategic business opportunities involves:
  • Develop market analysis to align business strategy with target markets
  • Isolate and lowering risks
  • Boost productivity to meet business goals
  • Build sales and marketing structure
  • Establish benchmarks to define measurable outcomes to accurately reflect achievements
  • Bioinformatics and NGS analysis planning
  • Authoring SOPs, grant submissions, credentialing, CLIA and state license applications
  • Build collaborative teams to sustain operational and profit goals
  • Provide a clear transfer of knowledge to secure the lab’s performance levels