Breakthroughs in next-generation sequencing (NGS), bioinformatics, ‘omics and the human genome are ushering a paradigm shift in medicine. Guesswork is being replaced with precision medicine, as biodata is leveraged to deliver a holistic view of individual patients. This shift is creating multifactorial health discoveries and financial opportunities for growth.

Are You Prepared for the Next Phase of Opportunities?

This is unchartered territory for laboratories, as they find themselves unacquainted with the advanced ‘omic’ platforms, bioinformatic measurement requirements, along with the cutting-edge data analysis methods necessary to interpret these measurements.

We can help you create strategic business opportunities and launch them within a meaningful biological context

As a laboratory specialist, we work collaboratively to equip and prepare laboratories so that they can confidently manage all aspects of the science underlying precision medicine, from clinical trials to molecular and computational biology to bioengineering and technology development.

With the overriding goal of improving patient outcomes, we ensure labs are poised to meet evolving breakthroughs in science and medicine. Grounded in the core values of trust, transparency, and partnerships, our approach ensures laboratories meet governing bodies’ guidelines and requirements.