Boston Science Startup Company

We specialize in helping clients bring novel life science products and ideas to a profitable business market by

reducing the startup’s risk.

Our clients include leading startup companies and their advisors, as well as businesses that support this sector.

Our goal at Boston Science Startup is to reduce the risks and make an anti-fragile startup company – one that gets stronger over time when faced with problems, failures, uncertainty, and surprises.

We provide a toolbox of the best methodologies available for startups.  With this approach, your team has a competitive advantage.

Be Prepared for the Next Phase of Opportunities.

Templates & Framework

We provide customized templates. The templates are used as individual pieces. When joined the templates form the framework that ties the startup-story to the investors.

Templates range from Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), to laboratory built Cost of Goods (COGS) formulas and more.

Reduced Risks

Startups are inherently at a higher level of evaluated risk.  If you lower the investment risk,  then the evaluation amount be higher.

To confidently reduce the risk, we continually create new tools to improve the complete framework of the business and science.


Life Science Startups, are obliged to adhere to high ethical standards. There are ethical issues that are unique to the life sciences, in which a patient could be harmed. A recent example is the company Theranos.

Boston Science Startup’s framework acts in a transparent, cooperative way. Our efforts and practices have been fueled by feedback from many of the world’s leading privacy experts so you can be assured your company is not only compliant but taking steps toward leading the paradigm shift we all need to see.

Significant Discoveries

When the progression newly discovered scientific breakthroughs and financial businesses converge, significant discoveries in health, disease, diagnostics, and treatment. The financial gain is at it’s greatest opportunity to support these discoveries.


Strategic transition of a start-up to stock market company

over $30million

strategic savings


Reduction in Cost Per Unit


Expandability sample processing without adding FTEs


Increased revenue


Developed the world’s only Biorepository of Psychotropic samples


Journal Publications




Journal covers




Patents pending


Labs inspected




Original assays created