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As next-generation sequencing (NGS), bioinformatics, ‘omics and the human genome are ushering a paradigm shift in medicine. Guesswork is being replaced with precision medicine, as biodata is leveraged to deliver a holistic view of individual patients. This shift is creating multifactorial health discoveries and financial opportunities for growth.
Are You Prepared for the Next Phase of Opportunities?
This is unchartered territory for laboratories, as they find themselves unacquainted with the advanced ‘omic’ platforms, bioinformatic measurement requirements, along with the cutting-edge data analysis methods necessary to interpret these measurements.

Delivering a World-Class Omics-Advanced Laboratory

As science ushers in new breakthroughs, including next-generation sequencing, bioinformatics and ‘omics, labs are facing a paradigm shift, as they navigate the development, launch, compliance and ongoing production of these complex offerings.

Capturing Financial Opportunities in Bioinformatics

Great opportunities lie ahead for laboratories. These scientific advances hold the promise of providing higher quality healthcare, with a better understanding of how a disease is manifested along with therapies and promising treatments that are individualized by the patient.


One of the most crucial task for every lab is to be sensitive to ethical ramifications of the quality of their work and to ensure independent ethical oversight.

We are fortunate to be living in a time

When the progression of next-generation sequencing, bioinformatics and ‘omics have converged in such a way to create significant discoveries in health, disease, diagnostics, and treatment. The lab has the opportunity to support this research.


Strategic transition of a start-up to stock market company

over $4million

strategic savings


Reduction in Cost Per Unit


Expandability sample processing without adding FTEs


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Developed the world’s only Biorepository of Psychotropic samples


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The Business of Science Consulting can help you create strategic business opportunities.